How to Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can transform your look, but caring for them is vital for preserving them and making them look perfect. While they will look best when you leave the salon, you need to have a strict daily care routine to maintain their first-rate. This is especially critical if you can not make it to your appointment as often as you would like. So, as your hair extension experts, we are going to discuss some proven and practical suggestions for caring for your extensions at home. These guidelines will make sure that you look appropriate, even while you are unable to go away from your house.

How to Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions 1

How Much Care Do Hair Extensions Require?

It’s essential to understand that even though hair extensions offer limited protection, they still require some care. Including a few simple steps for your daily hair extension care habit can help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy while also prolonging the life of your extensions. 

Additionally, taking proper care of your hair extensions can lessen damage to your natural hair and permit you to go longer between maintenance appointments. In precis, preserving Luxy Hair extensions calls for some recurring hair care and effort. However, it’s now not an excessive amount, and you could still revel in minimal hair care as usual with extensions. So let’s discuss some of the essentials that you have to consider to take care of your hair extensions. 

1. Keep Washing Your Hair

Taking proper care of your hair and scalp when carrying extensions is crucial. Some professionals suggest washing and conditioning the extensions at least every second week, and at a minimum, as soon as a month. However, immoderate washing can motivate the installation to loosen, so it’s essential not to scrub the hair too frequently. When washing, use hydrating and mild products that can be sulfate-free and offer moisture. Brush your hair every day and every time you take out your extensions to save you time and trouble. When brushing, be gentle together with your roots to keep away from loosening your extensions.

2. Store Hair extensions Securely

When it comes to keeping first-rate of your hair extensions, choosing the proper storage method is crucial. From expert products to homemade options, there are numerous choices for you. 


  • Extension Hangers

Consider using extension hangers to hang your extensions in a tangle-free manner, which allows you to keep their shape and texture. However, keep in thoughts that this might not save your extensions from dirt if you plan on leaving them on the shelf for more than a few hours.


  • Sealable Bags

Transparent sealable bags are a practical alternative for securely storing your hair extensions. However, it is vital to make certain that the bag is not made from plastic as this may cause scratch damage. Before setting your hair extensions within the bag, ensure they are clean and dry to prevent the growth of mold.

  • Silk Bags or Pillowcases

Storing your hair extensions in a silk bag or pillowcase can help prevent tangling and reduce friction. Silk or satin are smooth fabrics that do not rough up the hair fibers.

  • Hair extension boxes

How to Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions 2

Hair extensions come in luxury hair extension boxes with magnetic closure, and you can reuse them to store your hair extensions when not in use. Just ensure that the extensions are completely dry, and keep some space for the containers. To protect your investment in hair extensions with a new line of packaging specific for hair extensions.

3. Products To Matters

To preserve high-quality hair extensions, it’s critical to apply sulfate-free and alcohol-free hair care products. These components can cause tangling and dryness, leading to a shorter lifespan of extensions. Always take a look at the element listing earlier than shopping for it. Avoid the use of sticky hair products consisting of hair spray, gel, or wax that may clog up hair extensions.

4. Preventing Tangling

How to Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions 3

Tangling and matting are a common problem with hair extensions, because of a loss of brushing, weather, or dryness. Sweat, warmth, and friction are also reasons for this. Brushing extensions periodically all through the day and using proper hair care products can help save you tangling. Use sulfate-free and alcohol-free products with elements that upload moisture to the hair, like argan oil or coconut oil.

5. Always Brush Your Hair Extension With Great Care

Always handle your hair extension very softly and gently while brushing. Use a soft bristle or loop brush for your hair and extensions. Avoid hard plastic brushes to avoid tangling. Start by means of lightly brushing the ends of your extensions, then pass towards the bonds, brushing downwards. Brush your hair extensions before bedtime and in the morning. Regular brushing all through the day saves you from tangles and keeps extensions looking good.

6. Styling Hair Extensions

You can allow your hair air dry or use a blow dryer. Straighteners, curling irons, and warm rollers are secure to use but avoid applying extreme warmth close to the bonds. If air drying, make certain the bond region is absolutely dry with a blow dryer before letting the hair extension dry. When bonds are wet it will motivate the mating and tangling process.