Stunning Lingerie To Gift For 2023 Holiday Season

Still looking for presents to give for the holidays? Lingerie makes an excellent gift. It’s thoughtful, generous, and can be an unexpected luxury. Whether you go for the trending items or opt for classic bra and panty sets, the recipient will appreciate a gift of high-quality lingerie.

Lingerie Gift

Mesh Bralettes

Bralettes have been very popular for about a decade. They represent a new trend in bras for women, eschewing the underwires and padding that have held sway for years. Mesh is a versatile textile that can be cute and coy or offer substantial support. Options in mesh bralettes include:

  •   Delicate, see-through mesh for the barest of bras
  •   Power mesh used in sports bras
  •   Mesh mixed with lace for elegance
  •   Mesh trims on satin or cotton bras

The key here is to know what your gift recipient needs from their bra and to choose the type of mesh accordingly.

Satin Underwear

Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate the benefits of satin underwear? It’s smooth and soft next to the skin while clothing glides over it effortlessly. You can find all the most popular styles of womens underwear in a satin option. Look for the following:

  •   Bikini and hipster styles
  •   Thongs
  •   Mid-rise and high-rise briefs
  •   Boyshorts

One of the joys of satin underwear is how easy it is to care for. Despite its delicate and luxurious appearance, satin is a wash-and-wear fabric. No special care is needed.

Tried-and-True Classics

There’s room in every wardrobe for quality bra and panty sets. These are the true workhorses of everyday living. They go to the office, the PTA meeting, and the club for after-dinner drinks. Something that gets so much use is always an appreciated gift.

Consider the classic t-shirt bra. It features lightly padded cups that provide no-show coverage under the most form-fitting tops and blouses. Underwire offers support and gentle shaping. This bra works with most outfits and is a wardrobe staple. You can give more than one in a panoply of colors.

Don’t forget a matching panty. It’s the extra touch that makes your gift even more special.

Active Wear

While this category may not have the sexy vibe of the above lingerie gifts, it will be truly appreciated by the sports person in your life. It doesn’t matter if the sport is more active, such as soccer, or more gentle, such as yoga, a sports bra is a must.

Racerback bras are a popular option. Featuring straps that meet in the center back, they offer greater support. There are also sports bras with adjustable straps that can be configured in a variety of ways. Most sports bras are wireless and have removable pads for comfort.

Quality Counts

No matter what type of lingerie you choose to give, make sure you’re buying the highest quality you can. Lingerie needs to stand up to the wear and tear of busy lives. Look for strong fabrics, good construction, and well-crafted seams.

Purchase your lingerie from reputable sellers either online or in local stores. Then you can be sure you’re giving a gift that will benefit the recipient and bring joy this holiday season.