Revolutionizing Your Wardrobe: Men’s Wholesale Fashion Secrets Unveiled

Contents about men’s wardrobe are not scarce. But most of them are either oversimplified or not suited to your unique physique and personality.

Mens Wholesale Fashion

Getting the perfect men’s fashion wardrobe is more than the types of outfits you need. You have to consider-

  • Your body types
  • The norms of your society
  • Climate
  • How you want to present yourself
  • Your budget
  • And, of course, the types of outfits

Now, explaining all of these topics in this article will get you bored. No doubt!

But I want to touch on every topic so that you can use this piece as a guideline for further research. And the hard work will be worth it.

Men’s Wardrobe: How Build The Perfect One

You already see the outfits I have described here. Now think of the six points I made in the intro and think of the outfits you would need.

Because what you need would depend a lot on your unique character.

Suit – formal and business look

Even if you think you don’t need one. Get one. Even if you don’t need it for work, there will be occasions that will call for a more formal look.

I would get a dark navy blue or a charcoal black. You can do patterns on that. It should be single-breasted notch lapel with two pockets and two buttons. Double vents are better, but it depends more on your body shape.

If your work requires suits or if you want to do it more often you can get 5 suits or more. You should get more colors like mid-grey or khaki. Go for patterns like windowpane.

Sports jacket – Business casual look

This is a best way into the business casual realm. You can use it in both professional and casual occasions. And they are also easier on the pocket and last longer. You can also wear it over a tee-shirt or a polo like the silicone CEOs.

Get one with a pattern or a texture. Solo colors are easier to work with. Blue, grey and other darker options are the best. Lighter, more breathable fabrics are better for sport jackets.


You should get 5 to 6 shirts. A classic collar and a one-button rounded cuff would be good.

A white button-down collar shirt of poplin fabric seems mandatory in my view. You can wear with suits and even jeans. Ice blue shirts and stripped shirts of light color are also popular. Poplin and oxfords are the best fabric for these shirts.

And you will fall in love with a denim shirt. It goes with everything. And you can also party with this shirt.

Casual Tops

These shirts are also must haves. They are all not that expensive but comfortable.

  • T-shirts – Two good fitted Ts are must. Go for white or black without any logos or design.
  • Crew neck – Simple, versatile and goes with all kinds of casual situations.
  • V-neck – These are stylish and versatile. Great summer wear.

These shirts can be bought for very cheap. Especially if you go to a wholesale apparel shop. You can buy is low quantities but in wholesale prices.


I don’t say you need every one of them. But you do have to think the primary six factors I described in the intro and collect accordingly.

  • Cargo pants – Loose fit cargos are ultra casual and great for casual occasions. Get one if you don’t have one.
  • Jeans – Yeah, I know you love them. Get one or two of these. You can wear it almost anywhere, and it compliments almost everything.
  • Suit trousers /Odd trousers – These are more business wear that goes with suits and sports jackets. You must get one of each.
  • Drawstring pants – Loose, casual, and stylish. You can pair them with almost anything.
  • Sweat pants /Joggers – Again, a loose fit for casual wear. Drawstring or elastic waist. Joggers are more streamlined though.
  • Track pants – This comes in many fits. You can wear them for physical activities.
  • Grey flannels – Made from worsted, these trousers go with both formal and casual.

Ther are also pajamas, commuter pants, corduroy pants, and many others.


This is almost another world. I am going over them in short.

  • Belts – Focus on the buckle. Don’t make it too flashy. You must have one or two.
  • Sunglasses – Research your face shape and which glass shape would be perfect for you.
  • Watches – Don’t break your budget. Buy at least one with simple style.
  • Ties – Get one or two that contrasts with your shirt and suits. Navy grenadine is the best color.


My grandfather used to say, “people judge you most with your shoes”. So far, I found that very true. Here are five shoes I think every man should own.

  • Slip-on loafers – Versatile and a must have for every man. This goes with casual, formal, and even street wear.
  • Dress shoes – Double or single monk shoes are great. These are more versatile, but you can also go for more varieties of dress shoes like the derby or cap toe shoes.
  • Minimal sneakers – You need it for the casual end. It should be clean, sexy, and better if brandless. White is the first choice of color here.
  • Athletic shoe – You need this leisure wear more than you think. These sport shoes cannot be interchanged with others, and you must need one of these.
  • Classic boots – Buy dress boots like Chelseas. Moccasins, slip-on, or any styles that goes with both work wear and casual.


I am not gonna geek out here more. But please, at least get one outerwear. Your options are trucker jacker, bomber jacker, and the puffer jacker. If you are into suits and you got the climate you can also pull of an overcoat with your suits.

Few other things to look out when making your wardrobe

Now I can go on about different styles. But now is not the time for that. But I should give you a few more insights of the fashion industry.

When choosing the types of outfits, you need to keep in mind three things-

  • Versatility
  • Interchangeability
  • Timelessness

Another important thing is proportions and norms. Don’t just go for big and small. Each part of your clothing should be proportionate to your particular body parts.

Body shape also matter a lot. You are not getting into shape very soon. So, you better dress for the type the considerations here are –

  • Height
  • Body types
    • Triangular
    • Inverse triangle
    • Rectangular
    • Trapezoid
    • Oval

Temperature, humidity, type of work you do, and your community plays a roll too. Remember, you are dressing more for the people around you than yourself.

Final Words

How you dress is how you represent yourself to other people. Outfits not only make you comfortable but confident as well. You don’t be that outlier in the group.

So, command respect with the best dresses. And it doesn’t even cost that much. Just a little time and effort.