Wedding Planning Tools to Check ASAP

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. All hail technology- it comes in as a savior in all situations. Some applications and websites can help you cruise through all the oddities that come your way from the start to the finish to make a fun experience for you. While some of them serve you inspiration, others give you personalized tips to ace your most memorable day of life.

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That said, let us guide you through some of the incredible wedding tools to use.

Wedding Planning Tools

1. Pinterest

This website will bring joy to your life if you have no idea where to begin with your wedding planning. It has just everything to lift your mood and lighten the burden of your tasks. For example, you can choose design themes from a colossal bank of wedding inspo ideas and details.

Honestly, it is your go-to repository for getting ideas for your wedding. Moreover, you can create mood boards to get back to get references no matter what point of the process you are at. It is one of the most used wedding planning tools because it helps to execute your vision and remember nitty-gritty details to draw inspiration from throughout the process.


2. WeddingHappy

The next on our list is WeddingHappy – a tool that will make your wedding planning smooth, making you Happy! This tool allows you to stay on track through the process to avoid last-minute hassles. You can set deadlines to ensure everything is completed beforehand. For example, it will allow you to create tasks and visualize your to-do’s. Moreover, it has a super intuitive interface, that makes it easy to navigate through the tool. From list making, guest list management, budgeting, and expert tips, it is your one-stop shop for your wedding planning needs.

Plus, if you subscribe to WeddingHappy Premium, you can sign up yourself for more exclusive features. For example, you can keep your partner, or any other person in the loop, to follow up on the set tasks and deadlines.


3. Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is known as the best friend of the bride-to-be. It truly is because it takes off the hardships of managing vendors and services. This tool acts like a search engine allowing you to find vendors and professionals to choose to work with. The reviews and prices against each vendor make it easier to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Another praiseworthy element of this application is that it offers a robust navigation and notification system.  You get quick notifications when there is something you need to know.


4. The Knot

The Knot is the most visited wedding website with over 22 million visitors in a month. It has simplified wedding planning by connecting wedding planners and to-be-weds with a plethora of local wedding professionals. This is not all. It also provides many tools like a guest list tool, budget tracker, checklist reminders, etc.


5. Zola.Com

Another incredible tool that allows you to sort out your tasks is Zola. While it comes with incredible features, it is widely known for simplifying wedding registries. It comes with a wide array of products and services such as cash funds for charity or honeymoon. It allows you to create a simple registry taking out the guesswork in gift shopping. Plus, you can visit its user-friendly website to check out enchanting items to take inspiration from.


6. The Venue Report

The first thing that all to-be-weds look for to say ‘I DO ’ is a picture-perfect place. Searching on the web for venues can lead to many results, causing more confusion. But this tool can simplify this hassle. Venue Report, as the name implies, is a handy tool to find the perfect place to start the new voyage of life.

On this app, you can search by venue type, budget, and guest count to find a list of locations and hotels to choose from. Having all the available options according to your needs in front of you can help you find the well-suited setting for your wedding to take place.


Bottom Line

Wedding planning is not a straightforward process; there is so much to do, from finalizing the venue to managing the guests to selecting a theme, and so on. Thankfully, you can use many tools to take away the hassles and make it an easy-peasy process for you, so that you as a bride or groom-to-be have enough time to take of yourself ahead of getting into a wed-lock!