100 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Ever 2024

Want to know where to get a pair of bridal shoes that won’t cause your feet to hurt? When it comes to wedding footwear, what precisely do they recommend?

Must they obviously be designed with relaxation in mind? Don’t even think about it!

The most gorgeous pairs of wedding shoes also happen to be the most comfortable ones to wear all day.

It’s important to wear comfortable shoes on your wedding day, thus a great pair of shoes is a must. To assist, we have compiled a list of the most at ease wedding shoe options available, including flats, heels, kitten heels, wedges, booties, sneakers, espadrilles, and even barefoot sandals! Every future Mrs.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Here are the most stylish and affordable bridal flats we could find without sacrificing the bride’s comfort. We’ll make sure your feet always look gorgeous and feel great, and we’ll even provide a review-based guide to the best places online to purchase attractive, comfortable wedding shoes.


Comfortable yet non-flat footwear for a wedding was something I struggled with when I was a bride. Even though I am 5 feet 10 inches tall barefoot and live in flats, I didn’t want to wear them to my wedding just because that’s what everyone else was doing. The fact remains, however, that not all flats are created equal; some are too narrow, too tight, or too loose to be considered comfortable. Conversely, ladies who are looking for comfortable wedding heels often care a great deal about avoiding foot discomfort during the night, such as blisters, pinched toes, or the dreaded ache in the back of the heel.

I wish I had had this resource while I was shopping for wedding shoes, so I developed it for only YOU. Listed below are a wide variety of the most attractive, fashionable, and reasonably priced wedding footwear options currently available. You may get everything from low-heeled sandals to sky-high stilettos, lace booties to strappy heels, and even some sandals to wear on the beach.

And since we know how important it is for your wedding dress to stand out, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that you have a wide selection of wedding shoes in white, ivory, champagne, nude, and metallics like gold and silver to choose from. The something blue shoes are a nod to the tradition of including a token of the bride’s affection for the groom in the bridal attire, but they also provide a splash of color.

All the ladies in the wedding party, including the bride and groom’s mothers, as well as the bridesmaids, will appreciate the ease and style of these shoes. (Come on, nobody wants sore feet after a night of dancing.)

We wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect shoes for your wedding day. We looked all around for the most beautiful bridal shoes in all possible widths, lengths, prices, and colors.

Enough with the chit-chat; here’re the shoes!


Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Low Heel, Wedges, High Heel + More

First up on the list are the most comfortable heels you’ll ever wear; they have a peep toe. I guarantee that you’ll adore them. Enjoy!

Block Heel Wedding Shoes

Heel with a block? Check! Charmingly azure hue? Check! So cozy, right? You’ve got it! These block-heeled shoes are the most comfortable option for a wedding. This is really great!

Pearl Flower bridal shoes pearl wedding shoes pearl peep image 1

$244.57 | Etsy

Low Heel Bridal Shoes

They may be low, but the design of these lovely white shoes is anything but! If you’re seeking for a bridal heel with an open toe, these ankle strap shoes are your best bet.

D'Orsay Nude Lace Kitten Heel. Candice Lace Ivory Wedding image 7

$325 | Etsy

Comfortable Wedding Flats

These beautiful ankle strap flats are the perfect wedding shoes for comfort and style. I need those in every color imaginable!

Beautiful Wedding Flats with Opal and Crystal Beading Bridal image 1

$375 | Etsy

Comfy Personalized Wedding Sneakers

Fun! Take advantage of these personalized wedding sneakers. These are an unique option and, more importantly, a pair of wedding shoes that can be worn all day without sacrificing comfort.

Personalized Wedding Converse sneakers Personalised Bridal image 1

$108.75 | Etsy

Comfortable Wedding Sandals With Small Wedge

These low-heeled open-toe wedges are perfect for weddings since they are both comfortable and supportive. A reviewer even goes as far as to say, “Just get them, you won’t regret it.” If you’re a bridesmaid or guest, consider purchasing a pair of these silver, gold, or black wedding shoes.

Ivory Floral Lace Wedge Wedding Heels. Pamela Ivory Lace image 1

$243.75 | Etsy

Barefoot Sandals For The Bride

The choice of comfortable wedding footwear is simple if the ceremony is taking place on the sand: forego footwear altogether! I mean, nearly! You don’t want to go completely barefoot on your wedding day, but you also don’t want to seem like an out-of-place bridesmaid. Walking around with sandals without socks! These handmade shoes don’t have a bottom, so you can feel the sand between your toes without giving up style.

Bali Barefoot Sandals in Gold Rhinestone Anklet Foot Jewelry image 1

$99 | Etsy

Comfortable Wedding Shoes With Kitten Heel

The bride and her attendants may get their feet into these stylish shoes for less than $45 each, and they come in a rainbow of color options and high marks for comfort. If you don’t wear heels, they are perfect for you!

Ivory Lace and Pearl Wedding Kitten Heel  Bella Belle Mina image 5

$325 | Etsy

Wedding Converse Shoes and Vans

Choose Converse or Vans on your big day if you want to kick back in casual comfort. The newlyweds will love riding around in one of these specially decorated Just Married Vans.

Custom Just Married Converse Sneakers  White Canvas Hi Top image 3

$170 | Etsy

Low Heel Wedges

These wedding shoes feature a peep toe, a wedge, and a modest 2-inch heel; they are both inexpensive and adorable. In search of a pair of white wedding shoes that are both comfy and stylish? Excellent work! In light of the feedback, I feel compelled to mention that you should get a larger size than you normally would.

Off White Wedding Shoes Off White Bridal Shoes Off White Wedge image 1

$145.99 | Etsy

Finally, here are the chicest and most practical options for your wedding footwear. Any and all of the pairs on this list would be welcome in my closet. How about you tell me about your favorite pair of shoes? Leave your thoughts in the comment section; I value your input.


Where to Buy Wedding Shoes That Are Comfortable

Does one of these shoe styles catch your eye? If you want to wear shoes that will keep your feet comfortable during the ceremony and reception, you may do so by clicking on the image of the shoes you want and then the link right beneath it.


You should always wear them inside your wedding shoes, so keep that in mind while shopping for heels or flats. Cushioned and designed to absorb impact, these inserts may be used in any pair of shoes. Shoe trees, which are removable inserts that let shoes stretch and bend, may be necessary so that they are broken in properly before the big day. We suggest this particular shoe tree because it will allow your shoes to “broke in” as you sleep, eliminating the need to wear them about the home. 🙂