10 Extravagant Wedding Ideas to Get You Inspired

There’s nothing more important than celebrating your big day with those close and dear to you. So, why not go all out and plan for a lavish, over-the-top, luxurious event that you and your loved ones will never forget?

In this article, you’ll learn the best ideas for an extravagant wedding, and maybe some of them will inspire you to get started on yours.

Extravagant Wedding Ideas

10 Extravagant Wedding Ideas

A memorable event is all about the details. Here’s what you can add to create lasting memories with your wedding.

1. Design an Elegant Invitation

Custom-made invitations using high-quality material, intricate details, gold embossing, and fancy finishes are a must for an elegant wedding. It will set the tone for the event so your guests know what to expect and can turn up in their best attire.

Try delicate crystals, pearl embellishments, metallic foil stamping, or elaborate laser cuts for a glamorous look.

Tip: Prepare the guest list and start working on the invitation as early as possible to provide enough time for guests to make necessary arrangements and be there with you on your big day.

Acrylic Greece Gold Olive Wedding Invitations

2. Select a Lavish Venue

Think about a majestic castle or château in the middle of a breathtaking estate. The stunning architecture, impressive halls, and lush gardens will be perfect for a grand wedding.

The Pleasantdale Château in New Jersey, Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, and Oheka Castle in New York are some of the glamorous venues favored by A-listers.

If you really want to be extravagant, host your guests to a weekend wedding on a private island or an exotic destination.

Tip: Whichever venue you select, visit the location first and check how you can arrange the available space to best meet your requirements. If everything looks good, reserve it for the dates you have set as quickly as possible.

vintage wedding venues

3. Book an Orchestra

There’s no better way to impress your guests than hiring an orchestra. It could create an immersive experience for you and your invitees that you’ll never forget.

Tip: Remember to include romantic and classy numbers in the playlist that could elevate the mood on the day.

4. Be Extravagant with Wedding Favors

The regular favors won’t work for a glamorous event. You need to select something lavish for your guests to take home.

From personalized perfumes, fine wine, mini champagne bottles, and customized champagne flutes to jewelry boxes and luxury pens, the options are simply limitless.

Tip: Take a head count of the invitees and add ten percent extra when placing your order. Also, determine the text you’d like to include when personalizing the gifts.

wedding favor idea

5. Use Over-the-Top Flower Arrangements

You can’t have a wedding without flowers. And when yours is an upscale one, you need some jaw-dropping displays.

Lavish centerpieces and elegant arrangements that hang from the ceiling can all take the decor up a notch, creating a magical ambiance. And unique and proportionately large floral structures will leave your guests in awe.

Roses, lilies, peonies, and hydrangeas are popular options for adding a sophisticated touch. However, consider the chosen wedding color palette and seasonality when selecting the flowers.

Tip: It’s best to get help from a flower arrangement expert when determining the floral decor. You can find an experienced florist on Leadar, but remember to check their credentials before selecting one. Your wedding planner could also advise you on a few recommended florists.

dusty roses wedding bouquet via poppyflowers
via poppyflowers.com

6. Choose a 7-Tier Cake

A wedding cake can be a work of art if you can afford the high price tag. The taller, the better, of course, when you want to make a statement. Gold sequences, white pearls, and intricate details can all add elegance for that perfect luxury finish.

Tip: Speak to a wedding cake designer as soon as you finalize your wedding theme. Arrange for a tasting session, discuss the design options, and book the dates in advance.

7. Opt for an Upscale Table Setting

The table arrangements and decor are important aspects of any extravagant event. Satin table runners, expensive linens with a high thread count, scented candles, chandeliers, and lots of flowers will set the mood for a glamorous table setting.

Tip: Gold cutlery, crystal glassware, gold-rimmed plates, and monogrammed napkins can also add a lavish touch.

Cottagecore backyard wedding reception table via bbjlatavola

8. Arrange a 12-Course Dinner

A 12-course dinner is a dinner consisting of hors d’oeuvres, amuse-bouche, soup, appetizer, salad, and fish before the main course. After that, a palate cleanser and the second main course are served, followed by the cheese course, dessert, and mignardise or the end-of-the-meal dessert. Now, what could scream luxury than that?

Tip: You can work together with your event planner on the menu. This will be a good time to consider the drinks you will serve, so whatever you choose compliments the food.

9. Hire Butler and Valet Services

Butlers and valets can make any wedding look fancy. They can take care of the guests’ vehicles, greet and escort them to the relevant areas, serve champagne and other drinks, and ensure invitees are comfortable and looked after.

Tip: Butlers can also serve food, help guests with seating, and assist the couple with a variety of tasks on the day.

10. Plan for a Grand Entrance

A spectacular entrance can be a show-stopper that your guests will talk about for years and could make way for plenty of Insta-worthy photos.

Tip: If you’re planning a wedding by the ocean or lake, a grand entrance on a luxury yacht or boat could definitely turn heads. Or consider a helicopter or whimsical horse-drawn carriage.

fall grand entrances for tented wedding
fall grand entrances for tented wedding

To Conclude

Every couple wants to make their wedding a memorable one, not only for them but for their loved ones as well. There’s nothing better than an extravagant event to celebrate your marriage with family and friends and create lots of memories you’ll forever cherish.

Our favorite lavish wedding ideas start with an elegant invitation. A glamorous and upscale venue is equally important. A full orchestra, over-the-top floral arrangements, fancy bespoke wedding favors, a 7-tier cake, plush table settings, and a 12-course meal will also impress the guests.

Hiring a valet and butler service and planning a grand entrance are other items to include in your itinerary for a magical wedding.