Wedding Trends : 20 Marble Wedding Cakes

Marble wedding cakes are the hottest trend in weddings right now. You can go traditional with a white cake or get creative with different color combinations. The geometric pattern is cool, and the black-and-white look is classy and elegant. Here are some awesome marble wedding cakes for inspiration:

gold and gray marble wedding cakes

Marble wedding cakes are trendy right now.

If you’re looking for an elegant way to celebrate a special occasion, marble wedding cakes are a great choice. A marble cake features alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with a light cream cheese frosting between them. This particular flavor combination makes the cake look like it’s made up of different colors and textures, but in fact it’s all one flavor!

Marble wedding cakes are unique and stylish. They’re not your traditional white or yellow frosting covered round layer cakes–these are beautiful works of art! They can be customized to match your wedding color scheme, making them an excellent choice for couples who want something eye-catching yet still classy enough for their special day.

The geometric pattern is cool, and the black-and-white look is classy and elegant.

People have been making marble cakes for a long time. It’s a trend that’s very popular in baking, and it’s also classy and elegant. It’s also cool—a black-and-white marbling is visually interesting, with the white being a great contrast to the black.

Marble cakes can be simple or elaborate, depending on your taste and budget. Some people like just using plain chocolate frosting or fondant on top of their marble cake; others prefer to go all out with edible flowers on top! The possibilities are endless!

You can use a simple white cake with a marbled gray fondant design or you can get really creative by using different color combinations.

You can use a simple white cake with a marbled gray fondant design or you can get really creative by using different color combinations.

For example, you could make the top half of your cake a light pink color while the bottom is dark purple. Or, if you want to do something more subtle, simply make one side of your cake pink and the other side yellow. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some awesome marble wedding cakes for inspiration:

Want to get creative? Check out these incredible marble wedding cakes:

  • A simple light blue cake with a white patterned design is perfect for couples who want something classic.
  • If you want to go bold, try an emerald green cake with a red and yellow design on top. It’s the perfect combination of colors that will make your guests do a double-take!
  • How about a pastel pink cake with white marbling? This is another wonderful color combination that works well for weddings at any time of year!
black ruffled wedding cake
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Blue Grey and White Marble Three Tiered Minimalist Wedding Cake with Ivory Sugar Flowers with Green Leaf Accent
Source: Marry Me Tampa Bay
Blue Marble Wedding Cake with Gold flakes
Source: Charlotte Wedding Cakes
blue marble wedding cake
Source: wed luxe
elegant blue and white marble wedding cake
Source: glamour and grace blog
Marbled wedding cake
Source: burnetts boards
Marbled wedding cake with navy blue sugar peonies and 24k gold leaf
Source: moncheri bridals
Modern rose gold marble wedding cake with sugar flowers and succulents
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metallics and blues seaside marble wedding cake
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pastel marble wedding cake
Source: mod wedding

This masterpiece will leave guests in awe.

Marble wedding cakes are all the rage. If you’re looking for a unique cake to serve at your wedding, this is it! You can choose a simple design or get creative with color combinations. The marble effect can be made using different shades of white, gray, black and brown. This cake was made by the talented team at Cake & Bake Shop in San Diego.

The pale shades make this cake sweet and subtle.

For a sweet and subtle look, the cake should be a pale gray. It’s important to use fondant that is darker than your cake so it doesn’t get lost on the table. You can also add texture by using different shades of gray for your patterns.

If you want your cake to be less prominent, consider using a lighter shade of gray for its fondant (instead of black).

This one is perfect for an elegant wedding with a vintage theme.

If you want a cake that is simple, elegant and classic all at the same time, then this is the marble cake for you. It’s perfect for a more formal wedding with an antique or vintage theme.

With such a classic design it can be difficult to choose just one color scheme to use on your wedding day, so why not mix and match? For example: if your dress has a lot of lace and detail in white it might be nice to have an ivory-colored fondant design around the base of your cake rather than pink or yellow. The bottom tier might be covered in ivory fondant with pink lettering while the middle tiers would have gold lettering on top of ivory fondant (or vice versa). To finish off your look we recommend using black as an accent color to add some drama!

A modern twist on the classic white cake.

If you’re looking for a modern twist on the classic white cake, consider using a white cake and then covering it with fondant in a contrasting shade. If you’re going to stick with just one color, make sure that it contrasts well with your chosen color palette so as not to detract from your other decorations and flowers.

A marbled wedding cake will make your reception memorable!

A marbled wedding cake is a great choice for a special occasion. Marbled wedding cakes are stylish, elegant and unique. The tasteful marbling of the frosting adds an element of class to your reception that will leave guests talking about it for years to come!

Marble cake designs are easy to customize. You can choose any color combination that you like and let our expert pastry chefs do all the work! Different colors can be used on different layers of the cake, or even in stripes across multiple layers! All kinds of patterns can be created; whatever your imagination can conjure up we can make happen!


Marble wedding cakes are so beautiful and elegant that everyone will be talking about your cake for years to come. The only thing left to do is decide on a design, color scheme and find a bakery near you!

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