Wedding Shower Ideas 2024: 9 Types & 45 Themes

You’re throwing a shower for the bride and want to know what kinds of showers there are. Which wedding shower themes are available in 2023? Bridal showers now come in many varieties. Tea-themed, barbeque couples, stock the bar, garden party, champagne toasting, and more wedding showers are available.

These wedding shower themes are enjoyable to host and attend. Oh, and they’re all quite trendy right now.

wedding shower ideas

What is a wedding shower theme?

A shower theme defines its aesthetic. Choose one “item” to decorate the occasion. Take into account the interests of the couple being honored while deciding on a wedding shower theme. Enjoy spending time in the kitchen? Love nature? Like to camp? Prefer beach time? Reading fan?

Pick a single characteristic of the best man and run with it as the theme for the bridal shower. To have a party with a certain theme, all you have to do is decide on a concept, locate an invitation, and then track down the rest of the necessary party supplies.

The kitchen, spa, book, garden, lemon, and rustic are just a few examples of time-tested, popular themes.

Example: a kitchen theme. As more and more couples experiment with new recipes, food subscription services, and low-cost date activities at home (like cooking together!), a kitchen theme is one of the most popular options for bridal showers in 2023. Organizing a bridal shower with a culinary theme may look like this.

  • Kitchen: A kitchen shower theme is perfect for a foodie bride or couple! Guests bring presents to fill the kitchen, recipe cards of their favorite recipes to construct a recipe book, and prizes on games include wooden spatulas, mixing bowls, baking sets, and more. Tables may be decorated with centerpieces of bunches of flowers in elegant vases. The point is made!

In this article, we’ll go over the top 50 ideas for wedding shower themes in the year 2023. Our search for wedding shower invitations led us to these most-requested themes. To get started planning your perfect bridal shower, simply select an invitation from the list below that features a theme you like. Then, choose a color scheme, locate appropriate decorations, and select some unique bridal shower treats to round off the event. In reality, it’s rather simple. 🙂

Now, then, shall we begin?

9 Types of Wedding Showers to Have

  1. Brunch and Bubbly

TYPE: Brunch for the bride-to-be, complete with mimosas, champagne, and extra bubbles.

GUEST LIST: All her best girlfriends!

Editable Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower Invitation Floral image 1

  1. Tea Themed

TYPE: A tea wedding shower for tea lovers!

GUESTS: Ladies only! Your Pick!

Presents with a food or kitchen element, or tea-specific gifts, like these, are encouraged for this delightful bridal shower.

Editable Time For Tea Bridal Shower Invitation Tea Party image 1

  1. We Do BBQ

TYPE: Couple’s wedding shower with grill, food, beers, and lounging outside.

GUEST LIST: Singles and couples alike are welcome. Outdoor venue-friendly.

I Do BBQ Bridal Shower Invitation Couples Bridal Shower image 1

  1. Tropical Luau

TYPE: Tropical-themed shower for couples. Prepare for a pool party complete with leis, Mai Tais, and Hawaiian music.

GUEST LIST: All You Lovebirds!

Bridal Shower Tropical Greenery Invitation Template Editable image 1

  1. Bridal Brunch

TYPE: An all-girls party in honor of the bride-to-be. Make preparations for a hearty pancake breakfast, a fresh juice bar, and tasty cupcakes.

GUEST LIST: Ladies Only!

At a favorite brunch spot, restaurant, country club, or event venue, host this bridal shower. Make yourself at home, if you so choose! You may use these xxx invitations to throw a breakfast party with a lot of food.

Pancake Bridal Brunch Invitation Bridal Shower Template image 1

  1. Stock the Bar

TYPE: A festive evening get-together at which guests contribute to the bar tab by bringing presents.

GUESTS: Relatives and pals. An amazing bridal shower!

Stock the bar bridal showers are popular. Themed gifts and registry shopping are allowed. Serve the couple’s favorite drink as the party’s trademark drink. Napkins, glasses, and stir sticks are charming additions to a cocktail party.

A beer-themed wedding shower is a fun variation on this sort of party. The event can take place anywhere, from a brewery to a beer garden to an outdoor venue to a restaurant or even at someone’s house.

Stock the Bar Shower Invitation Template Christmas Stock image 1


  1. Champagne

You may have this sort of bridal shower anywhere from a restaurant to a favorite wine bar to a vineyard to your own house. The perfect place for a girls’ night in.

TYPE: A chill day of champagne toasts and tastings.

GUESTS: Every single woman there!

Editable Pop the Champagne Bridal Shower Invitation Shes image 1

  1. Garden Party

A garden party is a common form of bridal shower. The wedding should take place in front of a beautiful environment, whether it be a garden, a country club, or a venue with large windows overlooking the landscape.

TYPE: Classic Garden bridal shower.

GUESTS: A list of all the women invited to the party

A garden party may be segmented in any number of ways; just take your cues from nature. The shower can have any number of themes, but some of the most common include lemon, honey, and tea.

Bridal Shower Invitation Template Wildflower Bridal Shower image 1

  1. Fiesta

TYPE: In the style of a lively fiesta, complete with tacos, margaritas, a slew of colorful party décor, maracas, and more!

GUESTS: Anybody! Inviting the bride and groom to this kind of shower is one of the nicest ways to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

With this helpful advice, throwing a wedding shower with a fiesta theme is a breeze.

Editable Fiesta Bridal Shower Invitation Couples Shower image 1

45 Wedding Showers 2023

  • Brunch Theme

Waffle Bridal Brunch Invitation Bridal Shower Template image 1

  • Tea Themed Shower

Tea Party Bridal Shower invitation Template Wedding INSTANT image 1

  • Book Theme

Storybook Bridal Shower Invitation Template A New Chapter image 1

  • Lemon Themed Shower

She Found Her Main Squeeze Invitation Lemon Bridal Shower image 1

  • Sunflower

Fall Bridal Shower Invitation Template Fall Wedding Shower image 1

  • Stock the Bar

Harper Stock The Bar Couples Shower Template Bar Wedding image 1

  • Fiesta

Taco bout Love bridal shower invitation template Fiesta image 3

  • Champagne Theme

Pop the Champagne Bridal Shower Invitation She's Changing image 2

  • Umbrella

EDITABLE Invitation Pink & Peach Floral Umbrella Bridal image 1

  • Rosé

Rose Soiree Bridal Shower Invitation Wine theme Bridal image 1

  • BBQ

We do BBQ couples shower invitation country western chic image 1

  • Travel Theme

Traveling from Miss to Mrs Invitation Traveling from Miss to image 1

  • Boho

Boho Bridal Shower Invitation Bohemian Bridal Shower Invite image 1

  • Coffee

Coffee Brunch Bridal Shower Invitation Template Printable image 1

  • Wine Theme

Wine Tasting Floral Bridal Shower Invitation Cheers to Love image 2

  • Macarons

Love is Sweet Macaron Bridal Shower Invitation Bridal Shower image 1

  • Woodland

EDITABLE Greenery Bridal Shower Invitation Template Rustic image 1

  • Mimosas

How do you serve a mimosa at a bridal shower?
Mimosa bars are now a key ingredient in any bridal shower, baby shower, or girls brunch party.
To make your tasty mimosa, follow these simple steps:

*Fill glass with equal parts champagne and fruit juice of your choice.
*Add fresh fruit as desired.
*Garnish with a slice of lemon, lime or other fruit wedges.

But First Mimosas Bridal Shower Invitation Bridal Shower image 1

  • Miss to Mrs

Miss To Mrs Bridal Shower Invitation Blush Pink Bridal Shower image 1

  • Kitchen

Kitchen Shower Invitation Corjl Whisked Away Kitchen Bundle image 1

  • Spa Theme

Spa Bridal Shower Invitation  Spa Day Invitation  Spa Shower image 1

  • Nautical

Nautical Bridal Shower Invitation  Floral Anchor Bridal image 1

  • Western Theme

Boots & Bubbly Country Western Bridal Shower Invitation image 1

  • Rainbow

Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitation Bridal Brunch Invite image 1

  • Butterfly

Editable Wildflower and Butterfly Bridal Shower Invitation image 5

  • Citrus

Citrus Bridal Shower Invitation Navy Bridal Shower image 1

  • Flower Bar

"Flower Bar" - Bridal Shower Invitations in Bright by Heather Cairl.

  • Garden Theme

Bridal Shower Invitation Template Wildflower Bridal Shower image 3

  • Succulent

AVA Terracotta Bridal Shower Invitation Template Bohemian image 3

  • Stock the Kitchen

Editable Stock the Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation Cooking image 1

  • Bird

Tea with the Bride Shower Invitation with Recipe Card & Insert image 1

  • Eucalyptus

Greenery Bridal Shower Invitation Template  Green Foliage image 1

  • Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie Shower Invitation Template Download Printable image 1

  • Orange

Citrus Bridal Shower Invitation Orange Blossoms Bridal Brunch image 1

  • Modern

Modern Bridal Shower Invitation Template Minimal Earthy image 1

  • Minimalist

Minimalist Bridal Shower Template Printable Minimal Heart image 1

  • Mason Jar + Flowers

Rustic Bridal Shower Invitation Printable Baby's Breath image 1

  • Greenery Inspired

ESME Greenery Couples Shower Invitation Template Couples image 1

  • Palm

Tropical Bridal Shower Invitation Template Greenery Bridal image 1

  • Rustic

Sunflower Bridal Shower Invitation Boho Cowgirl Boot Bridal image 1

  • Groovy Retro Theme

Retro Bridal Shower Invite  70s Bridal Shower  Disco Bridal image 1

  • Found Her Person

He's the Apple of Her Eye l Bridal Shower Invitation l image 1

  • Pine / Evergreen

Christmas Bridal Shower Invitation Set Holiday Bridal Shower image 1

  • Diamond Theme

Ring Bridal Shower Invitation Rose Gold Bridal Shower image 1

  • Donuts

Editable Donut Mind If I Do Bridal Shower Invitation Donut image 1

What Kind of Bridal Shower Do You Want?

You turn: share your thoughts on these types of wedding showers. What’s your favorite style or theme? Please share your ideas!

P.S. We couldn’t include all the important wedding shower themes! Some that spring to mind include the coffee-themed, nautical-themed, rustic, and boho-themed.