24 Rustic Country Wood Pallet Wedding Ideas

Why use pallet decor for rustic weddings? Rustic weddings are ever so popular with the younger generation. Our children are into hiking, horseback riding, driving Jeeps and Trucks. They are looking for simple and fun celebrations with friends and family. They want to have their big day in a place they have good memories during childhood or teenage years. Places like the campgrounds, farms, barns, gardens, resorts, and even ski slopes.
These rustic weddings are not only romantic, but so much fun, inexpensive, timeless and chic in there own special way. The smell of outdoors, wood, flowers, trees, the beauty of the country is chic yet relaxing and laid back. Although nature is a great backdrop and just a touch of string lights on trees will be great décor for any celebration. There are still so many other items and DIY ideas to add on to an already gorgeous natural beauty.

Wood Pallet Wedding Backdrops

wooden pallet wedding backdrop decor ideas
wooden pallet wedding backdrop decor ideas
Wedding backdrop ideas Guest backdrop
photo booth modern wedding backdrop ideas
pink blooms and trailing greenery affixed to a free-standing wall of wood panels with a mix of various stains and tones
rustic country wooden pallet wedding backdrop
rustic wooden pallet wedding backdrop
rustic country diy wooden pallet wedding bakdrop

Wood Pallet Wedding Signs

rustic wooden pallet wedding sign ideas
rustic wooden pallet wedding sign ideas


rustic white wooden wedding timeline sign
rustic wooden wedding sign
rustic diy pallet wedding timeline sign ideas
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