20 Pearl Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide 2024

Do you consider pearls to be outdated? Think again. One of the hottest fashion trends of 2023 is pealcore, the internet aesthetic that is all about pearls. As you surely already know, diamonds are the most common stone used in engagement rings, but if you’re searching for something unusual, you can think about a sparkler that originates from water rather than the earth. Pearls, which are technically a gem but not a stone, are generated inside of a mollusk with a shell, such as an oyster or a mussel. What’s not to adore about these uncommon oceanic jewels with their brilliant shine and associations with wealth, sagacity, and purity? You may add the designs below to your basket right now, along with all the information you need to know if you’re thinking about getting a pearl engagement ring.

pearl engagement rings

Are Pearls Good for Engagement Rings?

Although pearls have a timeless appearance that works well for weddings and engagements, you should certainly give it some thought before selecting a pearl engagement ring. That’s because, in contrast to diamonds and other priceless gemstones, pearls aren’t particularly durable.

Pearls only rate a 2.5 to 3 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, claims jewelry designer Ritani. Diamonds are a perfect 10 out of 10. Compared to diamonds and some other precious gemstones, pearls are more resistant to scratches, chips, cracks, and other types of damage. They also don’t withstand daily wear as well.

Then go ahead and acquire a pearl engagement ring if you’re prepared to take proper care of it by keeping it away from chemicals and acids, taking it off when engaging in activities where it can get bumped or scraped, etc. Just be aware that you might eventually need to replace the pearl or pearls. Fortunately, pearl engagement rings are typically significantly less expensive to replace than diamond engagement rings.

What Does a Pearl Engagement Ring Mean?

According to the International Gem Society, pearls represent elegance and luxury. Though not necessarily engagement rings, they are frequently linked to weddings. People frequently associate beauty, chastity, and grace with pearls. Given their rarity and value and their status as the birthstone for June, pearls are frequently significant to June babies.

What are the Different Colors of Pearl Engagement Rings?

Depending on the type of pearl, there are many distinct hues available. Cultured pearls come in four different main categories:

When you think of a classic pearl, you generally think of Akoya pearls, which are often white or cream in color but can occasionally be seen in pink, blue, silver, or gold.

Various shades of white and off-white, such as cream, silver, and gold, are obtainable in South Sea pearls. Additionally, they frequently have a bigger size than other kinds.

Tahitian pearls often have a dark color, such as black, gray, or brown, while they occasionally exhibit hints of other colors, such as blue, green, pink, or purple.

Numerous pastel colors, including white, pink, lavender, blue, green, orange, and yellow, are available in Freshwater pearls. In comparison to other varieties, they are less expensive and can come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Pearl Typles and Colors

Are Pearl Rings Expensive?

The quick response is: Depends. There are many different pricing ranges for pearls. For instance, freshwater pearls are typically the cheapest since they are more plentiful than the other types. Due to their rarity, South Sea pearls are more expensive. Additionally, the luster, shape, regularity of the surface, size, and color of pearls are evaluated. A pearl’s price can be significantly impacted by its grading. Ask to check how a pearl has been graded and appraised before you buy one.

Which Celebrities Have Pearl Engagement Rings?

There are certain celebrities that wear pearl engagement rings, despite the fact that diamonds are typically the most popular engagement ring stone among both celebrities and ordinary folks. To symbolize her engagement to director Thomas Kail, Michelle Williams wears a silver-tone band with a big pearl. Dave McCary, a cast member of SNL, gave Emma Stone a pearl encircled in diamonds with a snowflake design. In addition, Ariana Grande wears a pearl toi et moi ring that belonged to her late grandmother and was given to her by her husband Dalton Gomez.

The Best Pearl Engagement Rings to Buy Right Now

The pearl engagement ring you fall in love with is the best one! Nevertheless, we do have a few favorites that we think you should take into account.

1. 14k Rose Gold Pearl Engagement Ring

14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring Pearl Engagement Ring image 1

$339.6 | Etsy

2. Natural Diamond Pearl Engagement Ring

Natural Diamond Pearl Engagement Ring/ 14K Gold Ring with image 1

$259 | Etsy

3. Natural Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring

Unique Natural Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring Solid Yellow Gold image 1

$460.5 | Etsy

4. Art Deco Ring With Pearl Engagement Ring

Art Deco Ring With Pearl Pearl Engagement Ring Pearl image 1

$257.6 | Etsy

5. Art Deco 10K Solid Gold Thin Vintage Pearl and Moissanite Studded Ring

Art Deco 10K Solid Gold Thin Ring Vintage Pearl and Moissanite image 1

$132.99 | Etsy

6. 6-6.5mm Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring

6-6.5mm Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring Cluster Ring Retro Ring image 1

$795 | Etsy


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