Top 20 Vintage Old Door Wedding Backdrops

On your big day lots of things matter: your outfits, decorations and lots and lots of other things, and I’d say that a backdrop is one of the most important ones. An old door can become an amazing backdrop for various parts of your big day: from your ceremony to a dessert table backdrop. A couple of old doors is suitable both for an inside and outside ceremony; they can be vintage or shabby chic, you can decorate them with flowers, fabric or just put candles next to them. It’s a very budget-friendly idea that will give your wedding a sweet vintage touch. Get inspired!

Mint old door with burgundy and pink flowers

This beautiful backdrop is perfect for any wedding! It features a mint old door with burgundy and pink flowers, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

Rustic Old Door Wedding Decor Ideas
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Vintage old door with white flowers and greenery

This vintage door serves as a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony or reception. The door is adorned with white flowers and greenery, making it a stunning focal point for your event.

vintage door frame wedding backdrop
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Country arched door with greenery

This door is the perfect addition to any country-themed wedding! The door is made of wood and has an arched top, with greenery and white wildflowers adding a touch of elegance.

old barn door wedding backdrop
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Go greenery

This old door with greenery is the perfect wedding backdrop for your big day! It’s a beautiful, minimalist, and vintage piece that will make your wedding photos look absolutely stunning.

greenery and old door wedding backdrop
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Wooden wedding entrance door

This beautiful all wooden wedding entrance door is the perfect way to make a grand entrance on your big day! It is made entirely of wood, giving it a classic and elegant look. The door is sure to impress your guests and make your wedding day even more memorable.

fall rustic photo backdrop
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Rustic old door with greenery garland

The door is made of sturdy wood with a weathered finish. The door is adorned with a garland of greenery, adding a touch of natural beauty to your wedding day.

rustic barn old door wedding backdrop
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Romantic pink florals

This beautiful arch is perfect for your wedding day! It is covered in romantic pink florals and green leaves, making it a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.

rustic wedding decor backdrop old door with greenery and blush flowers
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Vintage and hydrangeas

country vintage old door wedding backdrop
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boho old door wedding backdrop
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doors with yellow floral arrangement as a ceremony backdrop
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old door vintage wedding backdrop

Seating chart

old door seating chart with kraft paper wedding backdrop
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old door wedding back drop
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old doors backyard wedding backdrop
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old wood door wedding backdrop
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outdoor vintage old door wedding backdrop
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rustic old door wedding alter
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Rustic Old Door Wedding Backdrop
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Vintage Door Wedding Backdrop
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vintage mint green old door weding backdrop
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vintage old door and paper flowers wedding backdrop
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How is an old door wedding backdrop used?

An old door wedding backdrop can be used in several ways, such as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony, a photo booth, a focal point for the reception area, or as a decoration for the cake or gift table.

What are the benefits of using an old door wedding backdrop?

An old door wedding backdrop provides a unique and rustic charm to any wedding, it creates a beautiful photo opportunity, and it is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional backdrops.

How do I choose the right old doors for my wedding backdrop?

Choose doors that fit your wedding theme and color scheme. Consider the size and shape of the doors, their condition, and any potential safety hazards.

How do I arrange the old doors for my wedding backdrop?

Arrange the doors in a way that creates a visually appealing pattern, either vertically or horizontally. You can also add floral arrangements or other decorative elements to enhance the backdrop’s overall appearance.

How much does an old door wedding backdrop cost?

The cost of an old door wedding backdrop depends on several factors, such as the number of doors needed, their condition, and any additional decorative elements. On average, an old door wedding backdrop can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 or more.