20 Best of S’more Bar Wedding Food Station Ideas

What’s the easiest way to keep your guests warm on your fall / winter big day? Besides blankets, it’s an s’mores or a hot chocolate bar (or both in one). How can you design one? Just put lots of mugs, hot chocolate, various cookies, peppermint, and marshmallows. Use vertical hanging garlands, signs and chalkboards to attract attention to the space: you can chalk various phrases and quotes on them. Try tiered plates to save some space; don’t forget candles to make your bar look awesome. Get inspired!

What You Need:

Long Low container
Sterno cans
Stick holders
Graham crackers
Chocolate bars

What to Do:

Put a bed of stones into container.
Add Sterno cans and place equally apart.
Fill remaining space with stones.
Put all Smores ingredients in bowls.
Have a party!

rustic wedding dessert ideas - rustic smores wedding bar ideas

rustic country wedding food bar
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Rustic whimsical wedding bar
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rustic outdoor smores bar
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Rustic country S'mores wedding bar ideas
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Smores Bar-double side
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vintage s'mores wedding dessert table
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portable s'mores bar for summer weddings
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Smore Bar for rustic country wedding
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smore bar. have a fire pit out back for the reception
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S'mores & popcorn bar Más
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