20 Best Black Wedding Cakes for 2024

If the traditional white wedding cake isn’t your wedding style and aesthetic, there’s no reason to stick with it. It’s one of the best ways to go bold with color when you see the look of a black wedding cake.

A black wedding cake can be dressed up with sequins or glitter for a glamorous event or simply be the perfect accompaniment to a rustic fall soiree. This is a great way to match dark, romantic, moody décor or create a bold focal point.

Often, black wedding cakes are made with fondant, allowing any frosting to still ice the cake. A lot of bakers use fondant because they create cakes of a particular style. Plus, more often than not, guests will usually take the fondant off of their cake slice. For others, food coloring may be used for the icing on their cakes, but be careful that the black color incorporated will not stain anyone’s teeth. You should double-check with your baker to ensure that the beautiful black color of your cake doesn’t fade with every bite.

Ready to go all-in on a bold showstopper? Read on for 25 of our favorite black wedding cakes.

Red and Black

A red and black cake is best suited for a Halloween party or black-tie wedding and creates a dark, mysterious effect. A deep red cake with black details has a regal and classic feel to it and would be perfect for a royal event or a halloween theme party.

Red, White and Black square wedding cake
Source: cakecentral

Gothic Black

The Gothic Black cake structure is dark and the contrast in the cake’s design has stark and elegant black and white elements. This cake design is ideal for a wedding graced with black and gold themes.

‘Til Death’ Halloween Gothic Black Wedding Cake

With Red Roses

The best black wedding cake is the one which can not only look beautiful but also have the pinnacle of both killer design and baking. The most commonly seen is the simple and elegant black wedding cake with red sugar roses or fresh rose flowers.

Square Wedding Cakes - Black, red and white wedding cake

Purple and Black

Black, being one of the more popular colors in weddings, is also one of the best options for cake colors. Combined with other colors like purple, black is sure to stand out but still create a harmonious look for your cake and your wedding venue.

violet purple and black rufler wedding cake

Rose Gold and Black

A rose gold cake with black buttercream frosting, an exquisite duo of elegance and power.

rose gold dripped and black wedding cake

Burgundy and Black

Two shades of red, black and burgundy cake with delicious raspberry buttercream.

black wedding cake with flowers

Pink and Black

Black moody modern wedding cake with blush and burgundy floral pattern

White and Black

black and white vinatge square weding cake
Source: mod wedding

Gold and Black

black and gold drip wedding cake
Source: cake decorating online

Silver and Black

Silver & blue couture iced wedding cake

Blue and Black

3-tier teal and black square wedding cake
Source: my wedding