10 Gorgeous Plus Size Black Wedding Dress Ideas

Are you looking for the best plus size black wedding dresses? We have found some of the most beautiful and elegant gowns in our collection of designer wedding dresses.

Our selection includes exclusive collections from designers like Davids Bridal and Allure Bridals that are sure to make any bride feel beautiful on her special day.

Plus Size Black Bridal Dresses With Sleeves

A plus size white and black wedding dress is a great choice for a bride who wants to look like a traditional bride but with an edgy twist. The black beaded top will give you a little edge, while the skirt has just enough embellishment to make it feel more modern.

plus size black wedding dresses with v-neck and long sleeves

plus size black wedding dress lace off the shoulder gothic cocomelody

Long Sleeve Lace Appliqued Tall Plus Wedding Dress

Long Sleeve Lace Appliqued Tall Plus Wedding Dress

$1299 | Davids Bridal

Plus Size Black and White Wedding Dresses

If you’re looking for something simple and chic, then a white lace and black wedding dress is a great choice. This style will look stunning on a plus size bride, and the contrast between the two colors will make it stand out. These dresses are also super versatile—you can wear them to any type of style wedding, from traditional to more modern.

If you want something with more detail than just pure black or white, then consider one of these other options:

Custom Gothic Blush and Black Wedding Dress  Mermaid wedding image 1

$1980 | Etsy

plus size black lace mermaid wedding dresses


Plus Size Black Lace Wedding Dresses

For a more modern take on the classic wedding dress, consider one of these beautiful plus size black lace gowns. This gorgeous collection of plus size lace dresses for your wedding day are sure to make you feel like the most beautiful bride.

Sheer Lace and Tulle Plus Size Wedding Dress

$949 | Davids Bridal

off the shoulder black weddig dresses sophia toli

Gothic Plus Size Black Wedding dresses

Gothic plus size black wedding dresses are designed to be feminine, yet dramatic and very romantic. They are a great choice for a woman who wants to look both beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. Gothic plus size black wedding dresses have an old-world charm, making them perfect for any bride who is planning on having a vintage theme at her reception or who is interested in incorporating gothic elements into her ceremony.

Gothic plus size black wedding dresses feature all of the qualities that make these types of gowns so popular with women across America today: long sleeves, high necklines, lace detailing and lots of embellishments. They are perfect for someone who wants to add some edge to their style without going too far overboard with dark colors or heavy fabrics that wouldn’t work well with their body shape (especially if they’re overweight). This type also works well for curvier figures because it’s hard not find something flattering when there’s so much detail going on around each dress!

plus size black wedding dress off the shoulder lace cocomelody

Black Wedding dressBallgown Wedding Dress Gothic Wedding image 2

$2350 | Etsy


Gothic wedding dresses are popular choices for plus size brides. Gothic wedding dresses often have a dramatic, dark feel to them. They can be made of lace, velvet or other fabrics that add a feeling of romance to the look.