Things to Consider While Planning a Destination Wedding

It’s no news that destination weddings have become the center of concern for every proposed couple heading for their wedding. This is because nothing quite compares to the excitement and romance of a destination wedding. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a grand wedding or just a small destination wedding on a small budget.

 In this short walk, we will be discussing those that make a destination wedding outstanding. We will also be looking for things to consider when planning a destination wedding and all that comes with it. But if you feel overwhelmed by the entire setup, you can contact a wedding management service to help you put everything together.

Destination Wedding

What is a Destination Wedding?

 In recent years, destination weddings have become the height of romance and excitement! Just thinking about it makes some nervous, but an amazing setting can elevate the experience and produce very remarkable romantic moments. But what exactly is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding, at its core, is fundamentally a wedding that takes place away from home. No matter how far away the location may be, a destination wedding offers couples the chance to commemorate their marriage in the location of their dreams. It typically involves getting married in a beautiful, exclusive setting outside of the hometown, such as in a tropical region like the Caribbean, Mexico, or Brazil. Additionally, it doesn’t even need to take place on a beach or in a distant nation. Wedding trends and what millennials want for their partners are being revolutionized by this generation. Couples are increasingly selecting places that hold personal significance for them. 

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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Destination Wedding

Now that you’re engaged, you’ve chosen an amazing location for your wedding! However, where do you begin? Everything else will fall into place more easily with a strong start. Our below-listed guide will point you to the right path.

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Planning your budget

Regardless of the kind of wedding you’re organizing, your budget is crucial. In some instances, a destination wedding may be more expensive than one held locally, but in other cases, the exchange rate may create additional opportunities. Your budget will also dictate which vendors to prioritize, your alternatives for a wedding site, and the pre- and post-wedding activities you can enjoy. So long as you are aware of the figures, you are free to be as frugal as you choose. Budgeting is often a big task, but a destination wedding planner can help you break down the budgeting of your wedding.


Choosing the ideal time to wed

The months of April, May, and November, including the early days of December, are the most preferred periods for marriages. This is because the best combination of both weather and accommodation rates is available. During these months, resorts frequently offer very affordable group rates as opposed to their peak periods, like Christmas, Easter break, February, and March. Additionally, there is less chance of rain, coupled with pleasant weather conditions. But since nobody can predict the weather, this is more of an exercise on average.

Choosing the ideal time to start the planning

Twelve to twenty-four months before the wedding date is the ideal time to begin planning. That gives your visitors all the time they need to arrange their finances and luggage. It also provides you with the best chance of securing the time and day of your choice at the destination of your choice. Sure, certain dates fill up quickly.

Choosing the ideal wedding destination

There are a lot of factors that come into play when planning a destination wedding. 

The primary ones to consider are: 

  • Nature: Is your wedding focused on adult-only or families too? Are you considering inviting kids or not? 
  • Dimensions: Are you considering a larger space with lots of entertainment and dining options or a more intimate setting with a more unnatural selection? 
  • Price: I know that expenses recoup so quickly! Knowing which location will suit your guests’ better makes budget a crucial factor. It will be easier to decide case you set the highest or average cost per person per night. 
  • Venue: Does the venue offer the sort of wedding amenities you’ve been dreaming about?
  • Location of backup: Nobody ever wants to consider that! But if there are just two resorts, it might be the decider.


Selecting the ideal location for your wedding 

Several locations may be needed, depending on the kind of wedding celebration you have in mind. Typically, there used to be three during weddings. One each for the reception, cocktail hour, and ceremony. You can even search the net for destination wedding ideas to enhance your decision.

The most popular choices are:

  • The Beach: 
  • A solid platform, such as a pier or gazebo, with a view of the water. 
  • Jungle or a Garden
  • Terrace in the Sky


The following are some things to consider when assessing and selecting a venue:

  • Privacy: To what level do you require privacy at your wedding site? This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding. Although not often the most private, the beach is excellent. Still, there are some amazing garden spots and sky terraces that are either fully or partially secluded from the other hotel patrons.
  • Capacity: How much capacity does it have? Will it appear too large for everyone in my group, or will it be just the right size?
  • Additional Cost: Certain resorts view specific locations as premium and using them comes with an additional cost beyond the wedding package.


Language and traditions

English is widely spoken, although not in all countries. In this scenario, how comfortable are you and your spouse in unfamiliar circumstances, like in a location whose language you and your spouse may not be able to speak or understand? What about regional traditions? If both of you are skilled travelers, you’re probably familiar with being in various settings. However, if you’re not used to visiting unfamiliar locations, you should consider this.


Wrapping Up

 You are now equipped with all the necessary knowledge when it comes to planning a destination wedding. From choosing your ideal wedding location to booking your preferred resort, as well as choosing the ideal wedding package. In addition to having some excellent advice for traveling to your wedding party, you also know how to cut costs on your big day and the reception.