25 Awe Inspiring Wedding Sparkler Send Off Ideas

Everyone loves a good sparkler send off, right? While these festive sticks make for a great picture, there are some logistical concerns behind getting the perfect timing. See our gallery of for great sparkler display photo ideas!Wedding Sparkler Send-Off Decor Ideas

vintage country wedding sparkler send off decor ideas
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sparkler send off instead off confetti
Source: the red dirt bride
Wedding Sparkler Send-Off
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country burlap wedding sign and wedding sparkler send off
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fall outdoor wedding sparkler
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rustic country outdoor wedding sparkler send off
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Light the Night DIY Wedding Chalkboard Sign
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rustic heart wedding sparkler
Source: wedding colors
rustic country wedding sparkler send off display
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rustic outdoor farm wedding sign and sparkler send off
Source: rustic wedding chic
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